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MIRVA Newsletter #1
Welcome to the 1st edition of the MIRVA newsletter!
Learn about the latest progress and major highlights of the MIRVA initiative, and don't miss the opportunity to join us in growing a vibrant Open Recognition movement that links research, technology, policy and society.
UPCOMING EVENT 14/06/2018 - 15/06/2018
MIRVA at the European Validation Festival

Unlocking Talents in Europe

The European Commission organised a stakeholder conference on 14-15 June in Brussels to share practices and exchange ideas and knowledge on validation of informal and non-formal learning.

MIRVA was present at two workshops:
  1. A panel discussion with actors of Open Recognition: How Open Recognition makes Open Educational critical for Smart & Inclusive Growth.
  2. Workshop on validation for migrants with a usecase from the Dutch Council for Refugees in Breda.
Read more on the workshop on validation for migrants here. More coming soon! 
Working on new OBI 2.0 endorsements specs
Every year in a 4-week summer programme students work on open innovation projects. This year they will work on an exciting new feature of Open Badges: endorsements. It is an API-first approach with for example Competentie Visum VDAB and the EU Skills Profile Tool. Members of MIRVA are involved and will present the outcome on the 16th ePIC conference in Paris on 24-26 October.
Read more
Is informal recognition of learning important?
Recognition is a key part of education and learning acquisition. Often it is about recognising a competency, a skill, an achievement, a quality, a performance, an intention, an attitude which someone has. Add your thoughts here or support or rebuke the arguments you find for and against different forms of recognition.
Join the conversation!
UPCOMING EVENT | PARIS | 22/10/2018 - 28/10/2018
Open Recognition Week & ePIC Conference

Help build a new Web via Bits of Trust & Networks of Recognition!

Join in & help out building, sponsoring or spreading the tools for Recognition, so we can spread Bits of Trust & Networks of Recognition all over the world.

From 24-26 October the main event takes place: the 16th ePIC conference. Discuss, meet and learn here on topics like Recognition, Trust, Identity and their technologies—Open Badges, ePortfolios, Social Networks and Blockchains. The results of the Summer of Code will be presented there too.
So stay tuned, in the next newsletter more on this.

Share your story


Is there any situation where you felt that your achievements, competencies, talents were not being recognised as they should have?

Is there any situation where the recognition of previous achievements could have helped you in that situation?

Tell us your story here


Incomplete recognition of people’s talents

What would you respond if someone asks you this question: “Overall, how would you best describe your skills in relation to what is required to do your job?”
Dominic Orr from FiBS, member of MIRVA, created a dataset based on a EU survey where people's responses on this question were analyzed. He found out based on at how people respond based on their formal education level and their type of occupation. The striking finding is how many people in the labour market feel that they have a higher level of skills and competences than is currently required of the job they pursue. It tends to be over one third, irrespective of educational level or occupation.

Badge Normandy


Badgeons la Normandie ("Let’s Badge Normandy"), is a network of organisations from the agricultural, technical, higher education and farming sectors that are examining the use of digital Open Badges in order to recognise learning. Public and private education establishments in Normandy are leading a series of projects dedicated to giving meaning to learning, reinforcing learners’ personal career projects, recognising and valorising learning achievements, both formal and informal.

This article was contributed by Open Badge Factory and tells the story of Philippe Petitqueux and Emanuel Bon, partners of MIRVA.

Open Belgium Conference
Progress of MIRVA presented
Open Belgium is an annual event gathering industry, research, government and citizen stakeholders.  MIRVA presented the progress and status quo of where we are right now!
View the presentation of the MIRVA workshop here.
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