MIRVA Newsletter #3 - Recognition challenges 
Welcome to the 3d edition of the MIRVA newsletter!
It can be a challenge to recognize. With this in mind we share some stories with you we took from the last ePIC in Paris. From Nate Otto we learned how to overcome this challenge: 'Don't overcomplicate and ask yourself 5 simple questions!' Another great ePIC workshop was from the MIRVA partners Dominic Orr and Chiara Carlino: 'Tell us how you recognize.' The quest for recognition is tangible when Patrice Petitqueux takes us on his journey for recognition. And ever asked yourself the question: Why do we believe in Open Recognition and Open Badges? Read why the Ministry of Higher Education and Research in France thinks this is the way to go!
Open Recognition challenges
Making Open Recognition Visible and Actionable? Do not overcomplicate!
Nate Otto (Open Recognition Alliance) gave a great workshop and asked us five simple questions on how recognition can be made simple:
  1. Who participates in an open recognition community?
  2. What is recognized?
  3. Why is this recognition important to the community?
  4. How is recognition made visible and actionable?
  5. Where does the recognition community become seen and understood from outside?
Also looking for a way on how not to overcomplicate recognition?
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Tell me how you recognize...
How does recognition happen in your daily life, and how could digitalisation make this better?
From Chiara Carlino (Cineca) and Dominic Orr (FiBS) we got more understanding how recognition processes operate and how to improve/open them.
With learning at the centre of modern society, new ways of recognising learning are being sought that are more flexible, more inclusive and more transparent than the current forms of official certification.
Formal recognition only ever covers a small sector of the total population – i.e. those in education and training programmes with certification aligned to national qualification frameworks (according to the official definition of ‘formal learning’).
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My quest for recognition
A personal story from Patrice Petitqueux about why he turned towards Open Recognition.
 "I belong to this category of people whose career and educational path is rather atypical and far from a straight line! I belong to this category of people who like to construct themselves through experiences and encounters rather than training: informal comes first, formal second." 
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Why do we believe in Open Recognition and Open Badges?
A spot on answer to this question was given by no one else then Mehdi Gharsallah, Digital Strategy Advisor at the Ministry of Higher Education and Research in France. In his presentation on day 3 of the ePIC 2018 last week (24-26 October) in Paris he mentioned 3 main reasons:
  1. It is Open
  2. It lays on Platforms
  3. It is User centric
At the ePIC we had some great examples of these reasons like Solid, bSkilled and Gentlestudent.
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